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The Testing Lab is equipped with a state-of-the-art of test instrument for Residual stress measurement & Elastic Property measurement at Room temperature.

Trust your measurement needs to our highly skilled and knowledgeable team.

we can accommodate your laboratory and field measurement needs, with fast, accurate and efficient service.

XRD Residual Stress Measurement

·       Welds – Stresses introduced by welding. Evaluating stress reduction strategies.

·       Evaluate Surface Treatments: Shot Peening (Very Important) – Anything that is peened needs to have the residual stress measured.

·       Understand effects of mechanical working processes such as machining, rolling, forging, extruding by measuring the residual Stress.

·       Measure base line stresses in unloaded components and operational stresses in loaded components

·       Failure Analysis – If a part fails. Residual stress needs to be considered.

·       Crack initiation and propagation – highly dependent on residual stress.

·       Heat Treatment – Used to reduce stresses. Residual stress needs to be measured to ensure process worked correctly.

·       Fatigue Life (How long a part lasts) – Highly dependent on small changes in residual stress.

Elastic Property Measurements according to ASTM E1876-15

·       Young’s modulus

·       Shear modulus

·       Poisson’s ratio

·       Internal friction

·       Resonant frequency

After the samples are received, they will be analysed with a short turnaround time and the results will be presented in a clear measurement report.

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