Product Details

                    Tape caster


The PRO-CAST® Series machines integrate a sturdy steel structure with a solid, level platform that uniformly supports the moving web casting/coating surface. One casting/coating method is with an adjustable doctor blade assembly with a micrometer adjustable gap positioned on a precise casting/coating surface which has been ground and certified to a tolerance of at least ± 0.00026″. Precise, smooth control of the carrier or web is also essential to assure uniform films. This is accomplished with the use of a microprocessor controlled digital drive and closed loop feed back system.

PRO-CAST® Series of Tape Casters/Coaters are routinely used worldwide to produce thin and thick films and layered products. Designed to provide the best possible control and casting/coating for premium quality films, this series was developed through an analysis of customer requirements in the advanced ceramics, fuel cell and lithium battery industries, and a study of the best industrial systems previously available. HED International’s clear objectives of improved and repeatable performance, reduced maintenance, and simplicity have been achieved by a variety of means.

All PRO-CAST® Series Tape Casters/Coaters control production variables such as casting/coating speed, temperature profile, solvent gradient, air flow, casting/coating thickness and surface.