Product Details


Standard Gloveboxes

Vigor’s standard glovebox is a top-of-the-line glovebox model: Our super-high purifier capacity and patented sealing technology are complimentary.

Vigor’s all-welded stainless-steel design minimizes potential points of leakage and allows you to have a fast and easy initial set up.Our unique seals enable our gloveboxes to experience exceptionally low leakage rates (<0.001 vol%/h).

We combine our exceptional all-welded platform with the expected high quality ancillary components: Siemens PLCs, Burkert valves, Edwards vacuum pumps, General Electric fuel cell oxygen analyzers, General Electric or Michell moisture analyzers, and Fuji blowers. Our purification train is also an impressive performer: its capacity is typically 2-3 times higher than that of other gloveboxes.

Any accessory that you need to make your research easier can easily be integrated since each glovebox is custom made.