Product Details



The SITA SurfaSpector is a new hand-held measuring device for testing the wettability of metal, glass and plastic surfaces, e.g. after surface treatment or cleaning.

The device combines an objective measurement with simple handling and enables a fast evaluation of the surface.

Automated measuring procedure including drop placement, drop detection and direct determination of the contact angle

  • Handy sensor head for measuring at various parts geometries
  • Simple operation via touchscreen
  • Mobile use without PC directly at the plant or in the process
  • Limit value monitoring in measuring profiles usable for various applications
  • Optional PC software SITA-SurfaceLog for advanced measurement data visualization and export


Measuring principle

A drop of water is precisely placed at the surface by an automatic dosing unit. The drop is illuminated from the side. A shadow of the drop is projected onto an inclined measuring surface. The projection is recorded from above by a high resolution camera and the picture is corrected for perspective. The drop shape is determined and the contact angle calculated. The lower the contact angle, the higher the wettability


Quality assurance after parts cleaning

  • Wettability inspection
  • Testing of surface activation, e.g. after a plasma treatment
    and many more applications in surface analysis