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The Laue Single-Crystal Orientation System

Utilizing modern, cutting-edge technology, Proto® developed the Laue-COS system to offer a convenient solution for orienting single-crystal materials such as scintillation crystals, non-linear optics, piezoelectrics, minerals, and substrates. Producing research-quality data with impressive speed, this turn-key system features the latest in digital technology and an assortment of advanced feature options to ensure easy and efficient collection.

The Laue-COS is a self-contained instrument that does not use any consumables (e.g., detector gases), and it enables experiments on versatile samples, geometries, and crystal systems. From small crystals to heavy boules and rods, this Laue orientation system provides a unique solution for a wide range of applications.


XRDWIN® 2.0 Laue is designed for both operating our single-crystal Laue orientation systems and performing data analysis of Laue patterns. Standard features include a comprehensive set of tools for analyzing patterns, indexing, and reorienting crystals.  This modular program can be easily modified to suit each customer’s workflow requirements.


  • Laue pattern simulation from space group and crystal data
  • Crystallography Open Database (COD)  database integration
  • 001, 011, 111 and custom overlays for manual matching of Laue patterns
  • Stereographic projections
  • Indexing of patterns