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Residual stress analyzer

Residual Stress Analyzer – iXRD Portable

The iXRD Residual Stress Analyzer is an advanced system that will optimize your portable residual stress and retained austenite measurements. With our modular field stand approach, powerful software, easy-to-operate controls, and uniquely designed goniometers, the iXRD Residual Stress Analyzer is one of the most flexible and sophisticated instruments available in the world.

The iXRD Standard offers all the modularity and flexibility you need for your residual stress and retained austenite measurements. To ensure full radiation protection, this system is available with portable barrier screens and convenient beacon lights. Whether you need to measure an oversized part or a structure in the field, the iXRD Standard can be configured to provide the optimal setup.


Proto’s iXRD models feature a compact and portable 300W self-contained control unit. With integrated high-voltage supply, x-ray tube cooling, motor control, system electronics, and a display panel for kV, mA, and interlocks, this system provides everything you need to run measurements safely and reliably. Additional safety features include external ports for interfacing to an enclosure or barrier and beacon lights indicating when the shutter and x-ray are on.


All of our iXRDs are easy and convenient to use. A high-performance goniometer maintains ASTM E915 accuracy in a low-maintenance design. The manual focus pointer enables accurate positioning of the goniometer in complex geometries. The automated focus pointer provides convenient focusing of large residual stress maps. A wide variety of x-ray beam apertures are available, including round 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 mm options and rectangular 0.5×3, 1×3, 0.5×5, 1×5, and 2×5 mm options. High stress standards, zero stress powders, and RA standards ensure accurate results. Rapid positioning of the goniometer is accomplished with easy-turn locking handles.


Portable residual stress mapping (patented) is available on all iXRD Residual Stress Analyzer models, providing a comprehensive picture of the residual stress state of your part. As the originators of residual stress mapping, Proto is a leader in the field. Automated retained austenite (as per ASTM E915) enables characterization of % RA in steels as low as 2%. X-ray elastic constant (XEC) determination ensures automated residual stress measurement material calibration as per ASTM E1426. X-ray tube cartridges allow for fast x-ray tube changes while maintaining accurate system alignment.