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The AXRD Theta-Theta brings non-ambient diffraction to your lab in a cost-effective, compact unit. This system provides a unique solution for high-temperature diffraction, with temperature stages from -190ºC to 2000ºC.

The AXRD Theta-Theta has been designed to handle larger samples or accommodate situations in which more room is needed for experimental stages, such as temperature stages or pressure cells. The FlexStage option makes mounting large samples easy, while the fully integrated cooling system keeps facility requirements to a minimum.


  • 200 mm goniometer radius
  • 1200 Watt x-ray system
  • Vertical theta-theta measurement geometry
  • High-speed photon-counting detector
  • Temperature stage options (-190ºC to 2000ºC)
  • Gas pressure stage option
  • FlexStage for mounting large samples
  • Sample exchanger
  • Compact footprint: 100 x 61 x 171 cm (W x D x H)