Product Details



The HT650 furnace is designed to perform impulse excitation measurements at elevated temperatures up to 650 °C in an air atmosphere or with an inert gasflow (optionally). Measurements can be performed in predefined intervals during heating and cooling (1-5 °C/min) in order to determine the elastic properties and damping as function of the temperature. The measurement system can be upgraded to a maximum working temperature of 1050 °C.



Internal dimensions of the furnace
Width: 220 mm
Depth: 300 mm
Height: 220 mm
Temperature range
Room temperature – 650 °C
(optionally up to 1050 °C)
Heating elements
Resistance wires coverd with quartz glass (4 pieces)
Heating/cooling rate
1 – 5 °C/min
Isolation material
Multilayered fibre plates
Furnace wall cooling
(optionally with gas flow)
Furnace (sample) loading
Front load
Number of samples
Max. length of sample
160 mm
Positioning excitation system
Fixed (1 position)
Positioning microphone
Fixed (1 position)