Product Details


ZX-101SQ Portable Fuel Analyzer 

The patented ZX-101SQ utilizes highly accurate and reliable near-infrared spectroscopy for analysis of octane and cetane levels in gasoline, ethanol blended gasoline (e-gas), and diesel fuel.

45 Second Analysis with lab accuracy for RON, MON, R+M/2 , Diesel Cetane Index and Number , Ethanol percentage

In the Field or at the Lab The ZX-101SQ has been specially designed for rugged in-the-field use, but is equally well suited for laboratory applications.
With a warm up time of less than one minute and analysis time of less than 20 seconds, the ZX-101SQ allows for nearly instantaneous analysis when you need it most, where you need it most. It is ideal for at the pump inspections, spot checks at the pipeline, and quality control at the refinery.

More Features for Improved Performance
The ZX-101SQ Delron sense head makes it easy to firmly seat and position the sample holder in the instrument making field tests faster and smoother.
The ZX-101SQ’s two piece sealed optical filter tray extends the life of the optical filter and increases wave length stability.
The ZX-101SQ offers Automatic Fuel Selection, enabling it to detect the type of
fuel being analyzed and reducing potential operator error.
The ZX-101SQ offers an optional GPS locator allowing personnel to
document and verify the time and location of each analysis.