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FAMESPEC – FAME in Jet Fuel 

The FameSpec® is a compact stand ‐ alone analyzer that comes in a modern, portable and rugged design. It provides a fully automatic and rapid measurement with a high sample throughput. All types of FAME, including short chain methyl ester, are detected in a short measurement time.

The increased use of biodiesel (FAME) led to the issue of cross ‐ contamination of jet fuel during transportation or storage in multiproduct facilities, like pipelines and ships or road tankers. FAME is known to negatively influence the thermal stability of jet fuel and to lead to a performance deterioration of aircraft engines, e.g., by forming coke deposits. Therefore, a maximum FAME content of 50 mg/kg has been included in international jet fuel specifications DEF STAN 91‐091 and ASTM D1655.


  • Airport
  • Pipelines terminal
  • Refinery
  • Military
  • Based on QCL‐IR technology
  • FameSpec® Analyzer complies with ASTM D8290
  • Detects all types of FAME
  • High precision (Repeatability of 0.8 mg/kg at 5 mg/kg)
  • Wide measurement range (10 ‐ 400 mg/kg)
  • Fast measurement (<25 min)
  • Automated sample preparation
  • 10‐port autosampler
  • Fully portable compact design
  • ASTM D8290