Product Details



Excellent performance in Automatic Distillation testing.

STARDist includes unique features such as Optical Dry Point testing, PreScan and fast heater cooling.

Automatic Distillation Performance

The smart heater control algorithms are designed for high performance.Its automatic performance during the different heat phases (time to IBP, distillation rate, FBP) ensure the smoothest heater control and great accuracy & reproducibility, even with difficult blended products such as E15 or E20.

Optical Dry Point

With conventional dry point sensors there are 3 main issues (for which STARDist’s Optical Dry Point is the ideal solution.

1. Inaccurate detection of the dry point
Not only does incorrect position of the sensor lead to inaccurate dry point detection but, because of its thickness, it can also be insensitive to detect the temperature increase of the flask.
2. The sensor is fragile
Dry point tips are made thin for increased sensitivity however, this makes them inherently fragile and easy to bend or break.
3. Dry point sensors are expensive
Using dry point sensors will add up significantly in expenses both for startup and operating cost.


Increases the reproducibility with great significance.

PreScan measures both the volume and the temperature of the sample before each test. The volume will be normalized to 100%, and the temperature will be the set-point for the receiving chamber temperature during the test, (of course, only as long as it is within method-prescribed limits). All because: having the same “start” temperature as the “recovery” temperature avoids temperature-induced volume expansion / shrinkage which would affect the distillation accuracy.