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LUBE Oil – Particle & Water Analyzer

Particles in lubricating and hydraulic oils are detrimental as they increase wear, clog filters, and accelerate oil degradation. Particle analysis assesses the capability of an online filtration system to clean the oil, and determines if off-line re-circulation filtration is required to clean the fluid, or whether a complete fluid change out is necessary. A high level of wear particles within the fluid is indicative of an impending component failure. Predictive maintenance by periodic lubrication oil analysis can be used to predict and prevent such failures.

  1. Measuring Principle as per ASTM D7596 & D8049
    Data reporting to ISO 4406 & D8072
  2. Detects and discerns solids, water and air in oils 
    Visual Verification
    Ethernet Connectivity
    Intuitive Software Interface
    Measurement to 0.7 um
    Eliminate defoamant / antifoam error in readings taken with laser instruments.