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MINITEST FFK Grease Tester

MINITEST FFK automatically determines the flow-pressure properties of lubricating grease at low temperatures down to -50°C by means of the Kesternich test. The original and time-consuming method is fully automated and the measuring range is extended far below the original one, resulting in a considerably improved test precision.

A powerful two stage Peltier element avoids the use of a large and expensive cryostat. The principle of the test is based upon the necessary pressure build-up to press an amount of grease through a standard test nozzle at a preset temperature.

The original manual and time-consuming method is fully automated in MINITEST FFK. The measuring range is extended far below the original test method.
Temperature control is performed with Peltier elements which eliminate the use of a large and expensive cryostat. No further accessories are necessary.

A layer of the grease to be tested is put on a glass plate without air bubbles. The measuring nozzle is simple pressed a few times onto the layer of lubrication grease until it is filled with grease. The nozzle is then inserted into the thermostatically controlled metal block of the tester and the chamber is airsealed.

The test temperature and the equilibrium time are programmed. Further the expected flow pressure and the pressure increase for each step. For high flow pressures, a starting pressure above barometric pressure can be set to accelerate the measuring time.

  • Fully Automatic
  • Temperature Adjustable from -50 to +30°C (-58 to + 86°F)
  • Thermoelectric Cooling without Cryostat (Peltier Elements)
  • Portable and User Friendly
  • Powered by Vehicle Battery for Field Use

DIN 51805
Testing of lubricants; determination of flow pressure of lubricating greases, Kesternich method