Product Details

MINIDIS ADXpert Automatic Distillation

This true atmospheric distillation analyzer is extremely compact, portable and light weight and operates as a fully stand-alone unit. Designed for the quick and accurate quality control in laboratories and in the field, a distillation run on light products takes just 15 minutes and requires as little as 6 mL of sample. Because of its small size, the portable mini-distillation apparatus is the ultimate solution for places where limited or no lab-space is available.

MINIDIS ADXpert uses full automation from sample introduction to heating regulation, vapor temperature registration, volume measurement in the receiver compartment and calculation of the distillation curve from the raw data obtained during the test. This way it achieves the highest levels of accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility. The automatic operation involves simply inserting the filling tube into the sample container and pressing “RUN”. No sample preparation like cooling is necessary; neither special programming of the test conditions or prior distillation knowledge is required. Fully automatic cleaning programs and the use of inexpensive and disposable sample cups guarantee highest productivity and eliminate the need for manual cleaning of glassware.

MINIDIS ADXpert performs according to ASTM D7344, the New Mini-method for the Distillation of Petroleum Products at Atmospheric Pressure and generates detailed D86 test reports. The distillation apparatus has a resolution almost twice as good as D86 distillation units, yielding results that are well within ASTM D86 r/R requirements. The extremely versatile unit allows precise testing of various gasoline, jet fuel and diesel products (groups 0-4), biofuels, solvents, aromatics, organic liquids, chemicals and contaminated or blended samples.

  • Excellent correlation to ASTM D86, ASTM D850, ISO 3405, IP 123, IP 195; Groups: 0 to 4
  • Performs exclusively according to the small scale distillation standard ASTM D7344
  • True atmospheric distillation
  • Dry Point detection
  • Automatic temperature controlled (Peltier) sample introduction system: no loss-errors due to manual sample handling
  • Use of disposable, cheap metal sample cups
  • Built-in pressure sensor for automatic barometric correction
  • Built-in balance for accurate residual determination
  • Highly accurate volume detection
  • 10 different pre-installed programs for each group (0 to 4)
  • Special distillation points can be pre-defined
  • Test temperature: up to 400°C (up to 752°F)
  • Temperature resolution: ±0.1°C (±0.18°F)
  • Measuring sample volume: 6 ml
  • ASTM D7344
  • ASTM D1655
  • ASTM D975
  • ASTM D396
  • ASTM D3699
  • ASTM D2880