Product Details

SV10  – Asphaltene Stability

The SV10 revolutionizes the S-value testing, by introducing the first fully automated instrument complying with ASTM D7157which includes a unique, temperature controlled, high precision measuring cell (License TOTAL RC).

The SV10 is bringing a major improvement in handling, accuracy and test duration. Straightforward and user friendly, the SV10 does not need any operator action during the test or application expert: it comes with all programs ready for the different sample types described in ASTM D7157.

In addition, the SV10 eliminates all safety risks linked to the manipulation of hazardous solvents.

The temperature controlled high precision measuring cell (Licence TOTAL RC), combined with the simplified weighting procedure and automated toluene dilution of the SV10 are significantly improving the precision of the test. Indeed, the test is not anymore dependant on the ambient temperature, and the toluene dilution is precisely performed according to the sample‘s weigh, independently from the operator.

  • Easy
  • Wide Range of Applications
  • Increases Precision
  • Reduces Labor
  • Very compact design
  • ASTM D7157
  • ISO PAS 23263
  • CIMAC guidelines