Product Details


CB10 – Automated Corrosion Bath

The CB10 revolutionizes corrosion testing by bringing unmatched automation and precision to the analysis of corrosion properties of mineral oils and pipeline cargoes.
The test preparation is simplified and the test can be run unattended simultaneously on two positions. Test timing, water injection volume, temperature and specimen insertion are precisely controlled.
Directly compatible with both ASTM & NACE test methods, the CB10 strictly follows the selected test method ASTM D665, NACE TM0172, GOST 19199, JIS K2510.

The entire procedure is automated: heating, stirring, insertion of test specimen, water injection. At the end of the test, the CB10 automatically lifts the test specimen in order to proceed with the rating.
After the test, the rating of the test specimen can be done either:
• Visually
• Or with the automated CT10 instrument for better accuracy.

  • 2 independent test positions
  • Automatic test specimen positioning
  • Automatic water injection
  • Automatic water reserve monitoring
  • PT100 with embedded calibration data
  • User friendly touch screen interface
  • Dry bath
  • Ideal with CT10 automatic Corrosion reader
  • NACE TM0172
  • ASTMD665
  • ASTM D7548
  • IP 135
  • ISO 7120
  • JIS K2510