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Steady-State ThermoReflectance Fiberoptics (SSTR-F) combines the technological power of laser based thermoreflectance experiments with the proven measurement capabilities of steady state thermal measurements. Utilizing small measurement volumes allows for rapid steady state measurements of materials with thermal conductivities ranging from as low as 0.05 Wm-1 K-1 up to 2,500 Wm-1 K-1. In addition to the wide range of accessible thermal conductivities, SSTR-F can accommodate sample sizes as small as a few hundred microns. Exploiting recent advances in fiber-optic components and laser systems allows for a safe, user-friendly tool capable of high throughput thermal conductivity measurements.

Measurement capabilities are expanded with the optional FDTR Testing Module. The high frequency modulating heating event afforded in FDTR measurements extends this SSTR, to include measurements of thermal conductivity and heat capacity of materials, including thin films, thermal boundary resistance across material interfaces, and separation of the radial and cross-plane components to the thermal conductivity tensor.