Product Details



All the aspects and parts required for Cold Filter Plugging Point testing are housed inside the CFPP Head.

Sample detection

Small laser lights – one in the bottom and two in the top of the pipette – ensure accurate detection of the sample.

The pipette-lock ensures that the pipette sits securely within the detection zone, and the smart self-adjusting algorithm is perfectly able to deal with condensation in the bottom.


ColdBlock is AirSTAR’s cooling system. No external chiller is required, even when cooling down to -105˚C.

Stirling cooler

Based on the free piston stirling cooler principle, AirSTAR’s ColdBlock is both efficient and powerful. Homogeneous cooling of the bath jacket is guaranteed by special-designed heat pipe technology.

User interface

Operation is easy with the built-in iPad and in-house developed iLabCB app. Along with easy navigation the app includes:

  • Pre-installed and customizable methods
  • Unique insight in test behavior:
    • Vacuum profile per every single CFPP aspiration
    • Anomalous aspiration highlight
    • “Not empty before next” highlight (CFPP-2)
    • Camera images of Cloud & Pour Point test intervals are saved in test result

Data handling options include export to LIMS / Windows PC and print PDF / kiosk printer. And with the 16Gb iPad, results storage is practically unlimited.

Cooling profiles

The pre-installed methods contain the standard cooling profiles as prescribed in the corresponding test methods for Cold Filter Plugging Point, Cloud Point and Pour Point.

The ColdBlock is able to do both stepped cooling profiles (traditional) and Linear cooling profiles – for instance for the EN16329 CFPP method where it cools down with 30˚C/h.

Custom cooling profiles can be created in almost any form. From a simple “1-step at -90˚C” to complex multi-step profiles with heating, cooling and even linear steps all in one profile.

Wireless power

The ColdBlock is equipped with wireless power technology that supplies power to the CFPP / CPPP Head when it is placed on top. In a multiple-Head installation, the ColdBlock recognizes which individual Head is placed.