About the lab

The Testing Lab is equipped with a state-of-the-art of test instrument for residual stress measurement.
We can accommodate your laboratory and field measurement needs, with fast, accurate and efficient service


XRD Residual Stress Measurements

  • Welds – Stresses introduced by welding. Evaluating stress reduction strategies.
  • Evaluate Surface Treatments Shot Peening (Very Important) – Anything that is peened needs to have the residual stress measured.
  • Understand effects of mechanical working processes such as machining, rolling, forging, extruding by measuring the residual Stress.
  • Measure base line stresses  in unloaded components and operational stresses in loaded components
  • Failure Analysis – If a part fails. Residual stress needs to be considered.
  • Crack initiation and propagation highly dependent on residual stress.
  • Heat Treatment – Used to reduce stresses. Residual stress needs to be measured to ensure process worked correctly.
  • Fatigue Life (How long a part lasts) – Highly dependent on small changes in residual stress.