X-ray Tubes

XRD X-ray Tubes

Metal / ceramic x-ray tubes for XRD are available in a number of sizes, power ratings and configurations.Choose from a wide variety of anodes (Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Cu, Mo, Ag, W), filament focus (fine, long fine, normal, broad), and window configurationsElectropolisher

  • XRT 60
  • XRT 30
  • XRT 16


Custom X-ray Tubes

Proto can design and build an x-ray tube to your specifications in our custom x-ray fabrication facility.  Whether it is for XRD, XRF, imaging or your specialized analytical x-ray application, we can manufacture single tubes, low volume and high volume runs – all at very competitive prices.

  • Microfocus x-ray tube with a 20 mm diameter body and a 10 micron focal spot for imaging low density material in a confined space.
  • Small x-ray tube with a Rh target for XRF.