Surface Tension Analyzer

Surface tension

The DST-60 is precise tensiometer(with Digital LCD display) for the measurement of surface (Liquid-vapor) &interfacial (Liquid-Liquid) tension using both the Du-Nouy ring and Wilhelmy plate.

The DST-60 system is designed for Educational, Quality Control, and other multiple user applications, By simply operating the sample stage manually, you can get the surface / interface tension results quickly with no additional calculations. This system has two kind of controllers for precisely operating the sample stage so that the accuracy and reliability of results can be higher.

  • Features
  • Applications
  • Du-Nouy ring orWilhelmy plate method
  • Auto calculation of surface tension
  • Ergonomic , user friendly
  • Automatic or manual tilt system
  • Accurate and simple operation
  • Temperature control : -10 to 100
  • Graphic charts
  • Measurements of surface and interfacial tensions of liquids
  • Determination of properties of surfactants/ emulsifying agents.
  • Petroleum and fuels
  • Evaluation of reformulation pf paint and ink
  • Chemical / biological applications