Dynamic Contact Angle & Surface Tension Analyzer


DCA-200 Analyzer from Surface Electro Optics, specifically designed to record dynamic advancing and receding contact angle. Dynamic contact angle measurements can provide important insight into the nature of surfaces, surface reactivity, surface topography, homogeneity and porosity, and surface treatments required for bonding and adhesion.

The DCA can measure the surface tension of a liquid. The information of the surface tension is critically important in applications such as detergency and emulsification and is also important for many biological processes.

  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Dynamic contact angle measurement using Wilhelmy method
  • surface tension measrement using Du-Nouy Ring method &Wilhelmy Plate method
  • Powder contact angle measurement using Washburn method
  • Density of liquid measurement
  • Adsorption measurement
  • Surface energy calculate
  • Zisman plot(Critical surface tension) calculate
Model DCA 200S (Standard) DCA 200A (All in one)
Basis Specifications
Contact angle range(0~180°)
Surface tension measurement range(1~2000mN/m)
Max. Load(250mg)
Dynamic contact angle
Surface tension(Wilhelmy/ Dunouy ring)
Interfacial tension
Surface free energy
Zisman plot
Data export to Excel
Fiber measurement(>=100um)
Powder wettability/Washburn method
CMC/Critical micelle concentration(Option-Auto/Manual)