Contact Angle Analyzer


Phoenix 300 Touch & Plus/Touch

The Phoenix series is designed to offer flexibility required for QA , R&D and engineering process development.

The phoenix series has a specially designed optical systems for reducing light scattering and is mounted with a camera easily adjusted in all directions. The fluid is dispensed from manually controlled syringe system or semi-auto / automatically by embedded stepper motor. Position of sample stage and be precisely adjusted along X-, Y-, and Z- axis for fine image analysis.


Phoenix Alpha

The Phoenix Alpha is lighter and has a smaller footprint than the Phoenix 300series but has all functions needed for contact angle analysisThe phoenix Alpha was specifically upgraded based on many user’s inputs.  It is easy,simple compact and user friendly designed.  The system has a special designed optical system of reducing the light scattering and mounting an easy camera all-directionadjustment.  The Phoenix Alpha is a valuable tool for on the spot research, QC and universities and training.