FluoScan 3D


The new SITA FluoScan 3D is a universal system solution for contact-free  cleanliness control uniting advantages of both approaches.

Slightest traces of contamination on parts are detected easily and reliably by using the characteristic feature of organic substances such as oils, greases and surfactants to fluoresce when excited with ultraviolet light. The system uses a 3-axis positioning unit and automatically scans the surface using a predefined path with up to 50 measurements per second. The measuring result is given in RFU (Relative Fluorescence Unit). The measuring value increases with increasing contamination of the surface.

Special features of the measuring system:

  • Automated measurement with high density
  • Fast and reproducible evaluation of the surface
  • Comfortable creation of individual measuring sequences
  • Possible combination of single measurements and surface scans
  • Robust design
  • Intuitive software that is integrated into the system
  • Inspection and adjustment with SITA Calibration Standard
  • Measuring values are comparable to SITA CleanoSpector and SITA clean line CI
  • Flexible adaption towards new measuring tasks
  • Advantages
  • Applications
  • Determination of contamination level at the touch of one button
  • Targeted initiation and control of bath replenishment actions
  • Identify operation errors e.g. stop of bath treatment actions
  • Automatic evaluation of bath conditions due to pre-determined limit values
  • Use of measuring device independent of used bath chemicals through to a calibration
  • Automatic saving of measuring data including date, time and temperature

Automated inspection of die cast aluminium before bonding


Inspection of printed circuit boards