Foam Tester


The SITA foam tester R-2000 uses the worldwide proven testing procedure to test foaming characteristics of surfactant containing liquids. It is therefore exceptionally suitable for the body care and detergent industries. The fully automated testing procedure as well as the highly reproducible test results provide an optimal basis for use in Research and Development as well as for quality control.

The SITA foam tester R-2000 offers:

  • Fully automated control of the test algorithm (measuring, cleaning and refilling)
  • Automatic tempering of the sample
  • Automatic cleaning with tap water
  • Various settings for the test parameters
  • PC-interface, convenient data processing with Windows-Software “SITA-foam”
  • Appications
  • Surfactants – Analysing the foaming behaviour during generation
  • Surfactants – Analysing the foaming power
  • Surfactants – Analysing the foam stability
  • Surfactants – Analysing the temperature effects on foam generation
  • Surfactants – Analysing the influence of stirring the generated foam
  • Cosmetic products – R&D
  • Cleaner – R&D
  • Cooling lubricants – Quality assurance