Silicon drift detector for X-Ray fluorescence

The SiriusSD® XRF X-Ray Fluorescence Silicon Drift Detectors are available with a comprehensive choice of sensor active area, tube length and collimation, and with vacuum compatibility, to ensure the right detector is always available for the job.

Compact XRF Detector

The compact profiles allow easy integration into OEM X-ray fluorescence instruments from large laboratory systems to the smallest bench top models. Detector outputs are customisable ensuring that SiriusSD® XRF detectors are compatible with all modern pulse processing systems.

The SiriusSD® XRF is available with either traditional FET or the latest low-capacitance ASIC (CUBE) primary amplification stage which enables the detector to generate improved resolution at very short peaking times (and hence ultra-high count rates >1Mcps.

The SiriusSD® XRF detector range provides compact detector designs for OEM X-ray fluorescence Detector applications with the following features:

Large Area XRF Detector

  • Wide range of active areas and performance
  • Excellent resolutions
  • Optimal thermal design and control for performance stability
  • Fully compatible with all digital pulse processors
  • Air/Vacuum/He flush compatible
  • Custom interface adaption
  • Cost effective design
  • Low fluorescence collimation
  • Customised designs


RaySpec also offers the DX200 Digital Pulse Processor, which provides excellent overall system performance when paired with a SiriusSD XRF detector. The DX200 is USB controlled with spectrum transfer available via USB or real time event by event data presented directly at a 20-way parallel port. The DX200 utilises a fast 16bit 40Mhz ADC and has fast recognition circuits for excellent pile-up rejection. It is bundled with Control and Data transfer software.

SDD Detector options for X-Ray Fluorescence

XRF Sensor Sizes