High-resolution X-ray Diffraction 

Unbeatable Precision for High-resolution X-ray Diffraction Applications

The AXRD HR features an innovative goniometer designed to provide the utmost in accuracy and precision. Utilizing the latest advancements in motor and encoder technology, this system has the capabilities necessary to perform high-resolution experiments on your epitaxial thin films, multilayer coatings, and single crystals.


Characterize the physical surface properties of your thin films, multilayer coatings, and interfaces.


  • layer thickness
  • surface and interface roughness
  • density
  • chemical composition

High-resolution rocking curves can be used to analyze epitaxial single-crystal films and determine the crystalline perfection of bulk single crystals.


  • layer composition and thickness
  • mismatch, relaxation (lattice strain)
  • layer tilt, curvature, and misorientation
  • mosaicity
  • dislocation density

This high-resolution technique provides the most information about epitaxial thin films and is necessary to analyze strained films.


  • Separate Bragg peak displacement effects to enable accurate determination of strain, composition, lattice parameters, and layer thickness
  • Distinguish between strain and compositional changes
  • Distinguish between broadening due to mosaic spread or curvature


  • 200 – 300 mm variable goniometer radius
  • 3000 Watt x-ray system
  • Vertical theta-theta measurement geometry
  • High-speed photon-counting detector
  • Temperature stage options
  • Gas pressure stage , Low and High Vacuum option
  • FlexStage for mounting large samples
  • Sample exchanger
  • Internal water cooling radiator and tank


  • Education and Research
  • Petrochemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Minerals, Mining and Cement
  • Paints and Coatings
  • Metal corrosion and Failure analysis
  • Chemistry and Forensics
  • Food and Cosmetics



Geometry Vertical Parafocusing Theta/Theta
Goniometer Radius 200 mm
usable angular range -4 …150 deg 2Theta
Scanning Speed 0.0001º ~ 100º/min (2Theta)
Max Motor Speed (Slew) 1000º/min
Motor Step Resolution 0.0001º
Accuracy < ± 0.02° 2θ
X-ray Power Supply 1200W
Sample Holders Single, Bulk sample, Rotation, 6-sample changer
X-ray tube cooling Internal water cooling radiator and tank
Detectors Hybrid Photon Counting Detector
Si Point Detector
Non-ambient Stages Temperature, Pressure, Humidity
Slits Divergence slits, Anti-scatter slits, Soller slits, Receiving slits, multi-layer optics (parallel beam, focusing beam