Portable Residual Stress Analyzer

Portable Residual Stress Analyzer iXRD

Portable residual stress analyzer

iXRD brings you an advanced system for your portable residual stress and retained austenite measurement needs.With our modular approach, powerful software, easy to operate controls and our uniquely designed goniometers and stands, we offer one of the most flexible and sophisticated instruments available in the market.

Proto’s iXRD models are built around a compact and portable  300W self-contained iXRD control unit. With integrated high-voltage supply,
x-ray tube cooling, motor control, system electronics and a  display panel for kV, mA and interlocks, it provides everything you need to run measurements. Additional safety features include  external  ports for interfacing to an enclosure or barrier,  and beacon lights for ‘shutter’ and ‘x-ray on’.

STATE-OF-THE-ART X-Ray Detectors

PROTO’s proprietary position sensitive scintillation detectors (PSSD) provide unsurpassed speed, stability and a wide 2θ range.e detectors can be quickly positioned between iso (omega) or modified side inclination (psi) geometry. Two detectors for accurate shear stress determination. Available in standard 2θ range, wide 2θ range, and in a miniature

Available models:

  • iXRD Standard
  • iXRD Combo
  • iXRD modular mapping
  • iZRD Gantry
  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Residual stress mapping
  • Automated retained Austenite
  • X-Ray Elastic content determination
  • X-Ray tube cartridges
  • Lightweight, portable and fast

The iXRD portable residual stress system has been designed to be configurable to meet the requirements of your application. Whether you are measuring a turbine wheel, aircraft landing gear or the interior of a pipeline, the iXRD system has the flexibility to perform measurements in any environment.

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Power Generation
  • Bridges
  • Pipelines
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Marine


Ultra Portable Residual Stress Analyzer mXRD

ultra Portable residual stress analyzer

The ultra-portable mXRD is the latest addition to  XRD residual stress measurement family, bringing a new level of versatility to the field. PROTO’s advanced technology has laid the groundwork for this unique and user-friendly instrument. With state-of the-art detectors, high performance x-ray tubes, and an advanced software system, the mXRD is the complete package for your portable measurement needs. While the mXRD is designed to go into various field environments, it can also be used within a laboratory setting. With many options available, this instrument can be customized for your unique measurement needs.


A comprehensive Windows® based data collection and stress analysis package with features such as: linear and elliptical regression, Dolle-Hauk, and triaxial methods.

  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Dual x-ray detectors and full range goniometer enables multiple exposure technique as per ASTM E915, EN15305, and JSMS-SD-10-05 .
  • Collect data from both positive and negative psi tilts to ensure correct shear stress evaluation
  • 40 watt Cr x-ray tube ideal for use on steel and aluminum samples
  • Built-in automated sample focusing
  • Convenient carrying case
  • Informative instrument panel
  • Highly accurate and fast results

This system is ideal for use on pipelines, pressure vessels and bridges. It provides  technicians  with the   flexibility they need to detect infrastructure deficiencies, perform surface enhancement, and measure the residual stress of unique and complex components and structures.

Head Dimensions (LxWxH) 260 x 160 x 155 mm
Head Weight 2.6 kg
X-ray Beam Size 1.5 mm
X-ray Tube Voltage  20 kV
X-ray Tubes Cr
X-ray Detectors Direct exposed silicon array
Accuracy < ± 0.02° 2θ
Detector Width (2θ) 18.4º 2θ Range 146.8º – 165.2º
System Compliance ANSI N43.2, UL, CSA, CE, ASTM E915, ASTM E2860, EN15305, and JSMS-SD-10-0