LPD Powder X-ray Diffractometer

The Ultimate Platform for Advanced Diffraction Applications

The AXRD LPD is the ultimate multipurpose platform for all of your powder diffraction  experiments. This high-power, versatile system allows you to easily swap out optics, sample stages, environmental cells, x-ray detectors, and x-ray optics. As your measurement requirements change, you can transform a standard LPD into a fully customized unit, ensuring your system is always configured optimally for your needs.

With an angular accuracy of < ± 0.01° Δ2θ over the full angular range, the AXRD LPD has the ability to take on highly complex diffraction challenges. This system is ideal for single crystals, thin films, and bulk and powder samples. The AXRD LPD has everything you need for phase identification, quantitative phase analysis, percent crystallinity, crystallite size and strain, Rietveld refinement, characterization of films and thin coatings, structure analysis, and in-plane diffraction. With multiple sample stages, powerful software, and comprehensive database options, the AXRD LPD is as versatile as your diffraction needs.


XRDWIN PD is our data collection software, optimized for collection versatility. XRDWIN PD makes it easy to set up personalized scan parameters for individual XRD scans and analyze data in real time during acquisition. It can be customized to perform multi-scan collections that vary in temperature, pressure, measurement conditions, or geometries. Built-in prompts optimize alignment and calibration, making the process approachable to even a novice user.

PDAnalysis enables users to analyze powder data acquired with XRDWIN PD. PDAnalysis has an unlimited number of licenses, allowing users to analyze data on or off site with no additional cost.

Advanced features of our software enable users to conduct several qualitative and quantitative analyses:

  • Phase identification
  • Search/match against COD or ICDD databases
  • Quantitative phase analysis
  • Whole-pattern fitting (Rietveld refinement)
  • Percent crystallinity
  • Crystallite size & strain
  • Lattice parameter refinement & indexing
  • Retained austenite, residual stress, pole figures, & texture
  • XRF analysis for data collected with SPD detector
  • High-resolution analysis: x-ray reflectivity (XRR) curves, rocking curves, & reciprocal space maps



  • 200 – 300 mm variable goniometer radius
  • 3000 Watt x-ray system
  • Vertical theta-theta measurement geometry
  • High-speed photon-counting detector
  • Temperature stage options
  • Gas pressure stage , Low and High Vacuum option
  • FlexStage for mounting large samples
  • Sample exchanger
  • Internal water cooling radiator and tank


  • Education and Research
  • Petrochemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Minerals, Mining and Cement
  • Paints and Coatings
  • Metal corrosion and Failure analysis
  • Chemistry and Forensics
  • Food and Cosmetics



Geometry Vertical Parafocusing Theta/Theta
Goniometer Radius 200 mm
usable angular range -4 …150 deg 2Theta
Scanning Speed 0.0001º ~ 100º/min (2Theta)
Max Motor Speed (Slew) 1000º/min
Motor Step Resolution 0.0001º
Accuracy < ± 0.02° 2θ
X-ray Power Supply 1200W
Sample Holders Single, Bulk sample, Rotation, 6-sample changer
X-ray tube cooling Internal water cooling radiator and tank
Detectors Hybrid Photon Counting Detector
Si Point Detector
Non-ambient Stages Temperature, Pressure, Humidity
Slits Divergence slits, Anti-scatter slits, Soller slits, Receiving slits, multi-layer optics (parallel beam, focusing beam