Benchtop Powder Diffractometer AXRD


The AXRD Benchtop powder diffractometer is easy to use and provides accurate and reliable measurement results with comparable speed to full size laboratory units. Equipped with our powerful Hybrid Pixel Detector, the AXRD Benchtop diffractometer has extremely fast data collection capabilities. Collect low-resolution scans in 3 minutes. Collect high resolution scans in 15 to 30 minutes.  Incredible low angle performance, with excellent peaks as low as 1º.

With 600 Watts of x-ray power, an achievable FWHM peak resolution of < 0.05º 2θ and an angular accuracy of<±0.02ºΔ2θ over the full angular range, the AXRD Benchtop, provides a low cost alternative for powder diffraction, all while maintaining  the necessary performance for even the most demanding x-ray diffraction material investigation.

Whether you are doing Phase Identification, Quantitative Analysis or Structure Analysis the AXRD Benchtop powder diffractometer will bring you years of  convenience and value in a compact, easy to maintain system.


XRDWIN PD Our all-in-one software for both data collection and analysis of powder patterns is the perfect solution for basic qualitative and quantitative analysis


Our XRDWIN PD software can interface with most common x-ray diffraction databases.

  • ICDD PDF-2 Over 260,000 inorganic and organic experimental powder data entries for rapid material analysis.
  • ICDD PDF-4+ Over 340,000 inorganic and organic entries. Includes atomic coordinates for Rietveld analysis.
  • ICDD PDF-4/ ORGANICS Over 475,000 organic and organometallic entries. Designed for the pharmaceutical, regulatory, specialty chemical, biomaterials and forensic fields.
  • ICDD PDF-4/ MINERALS Over 40,000 minerals and related materials.
  • MDI MINERAL Over 9,000 minerals and related materials.
  • COD Open-access collection of 280,000 crystal structures of organic, inorganic, metal-organic compounds and minerals.
  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • An inclined x-ray tube prevents powders from spilling
  • Integrated water cooling – only XRD without an external chiller.
  • Safety warning lights
  • Flexible slit options
  • Sample holders
  • Education and Research
  • Petrochemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Minerals, Mining and Cement
  • Paints and Coatings
  • Metal corrosion and Failure analysis
  • Chemistry and Forensics
  • Food and Cosmetics
Geometry Vertical Parafocusing θ/2θ
Goniometer Radius 142 mm Max.
usable angular range -4 …154 deg 2θ
Scanning Speed 0.0001º ~ 100º/min (2θ)
Max Motor Speed (Slew) 1000º/min
Motor Step Resolution 0.0001º
Accuracy < ± 0.02° 2θ
X-ray Power Supply 600W
Sample Holders 6 standard sample holders 28 mm diameter