Thermal Conductivity Meter

Portable thermal conductivity meter for measurement of liquids and pastes

The Transient Hot Wire (THW-L2) Liquid Thermal Conductivity Meter is an advanced measurement system for direct determination of the thermal conductivity of liquids and pastes in accordance with ASTM D7896-19. The THW-L2 was designed with speed and operational simplicity in mind. With a single measurement of less than 2 seconds in duration, small volumes of liquids and pastes can be accurately and precisely measured for thermal conductivity. The THW-L2 utilizes a non-stationary measurement approach and rapid test times to limit convective effects for samples with a wide range of viscosities.

The THW sensor consists of a thin heating wire 60 mm in length and is completely inserted into the sample to be tested. The sensor wire is heated using a constant current source (q) and the temperature rise is recorded by monitoring the change in electrical resistance of the wire. The slope (m) from the plot of temperature rise vs. logarithm of time is used in the calculation of thermal conductivity (λ). For liquid samples of high thermal conductivity, the lower the slope. For liquid samples of low thermal conductivity, the higher the slope.


  • Follows international standard: ASTM D7896-19
  • Portable, Economical, & Accurate
  • Results without the effects of convection
  • Easy to use
  • Optional thermoelectric dry bath for automated temperature testing


Materials Liquids & Pastes
Measurement Capabilities Bulk Properties
Thermal Conductivity 0.01 to 2 W/m•K
Measurement Time < 2 seconds
Reproducibility Typically better than 2%
Accuracy Typically better than 5%
Temperature Range1 -50 to 100°C
Pressure Ambient
Smallest Volume 15 ml
Largest Sample Size Unlimited
Standards ASTM D7896-19