Resonant Frequency Damping Analyzer


The RFDA basic is used to do impulse excitation measurements at room temperature. The RFDA basic measures resonant frequency and internal friction or damping of samples with all kinds of shapes and calculates the Young’s modulus, Shear modulus, Poisson ratio of rectangular bars, discs, rods and discs with a hole in the center.

Samples are mechanically tapped by hand using a small flexible hammer. The vibrations generated by this tap are detected with a USB-microphone, after which the RFDA software extracts the data. A user friendly interface allows for an easy interpretation and logging of the results.

Measures Resonant frequency
Damping or Internal Friction
Young’s modulus
Shear modulus
Poisson ratio


Hardware RFDA basic
Microphone (16kHz)
Universal Wire Support
Software RFDA software