Positioning Devices


Huber translation systems are designed to meet the highest fine positioning requirements.Only materials of high quality which have been treated in modern processing facilities are used for HUBER systems. Their statically optimized construction guarantees highest torsional stiffness at lowest possible weight.



Huber rotational systems combine highest precision with greatest stability. Specially developed worm gear drive guarantees optimum specification properties, especially under high loads.Modern machining and coating processes combined with high-quality materials and strictest quality assurance controls ensure high reliability and long life with low maintenance requirements.The surfaces of systems are either anodised, hard coated, varnished, chromated or made of stainless steel.

Alignment bases

These platform systems are generally used for the alignment of multi-circle diffractometers within the synchrotron beam.Depending on individual requirements, alignments can be performed in up to three rotational (Rx, Ry, Rz) and three linear (X, Y, Z) dimensions. These extremely rigid systems with high load capacity are characterized by the high resolution and manipulation precision of their drive components.

Z-, X-Platform and Z-, Y-, Rz-, Ry-Platform

alignement alignement-zy

Z-, X-, Rx-, Rz-Platform and Z-, X-, Rx-, Rz-Platform

alignement-rz alignement-rx-rz


The combinations depicted here are just a few examples of possible combinations.
Please contact us for advice on the combination to meet your requirements.

4-axis system: Rx/Ry, X/Y and 5-axis system: Rx/Ry, X/Y, Z

4-axis     5-axis

6-axis system: Rx/Ry, Z, X/Y, Rz and 6-axis system: Z, Rx/Ry, X/Y, Rz

6-axis     6-axis-rz