PROTO Manufacturing


PROTO Manufacturing has been involved in the development of instrumentation for the characterization of materials. Product line includes x-ray diffraction residual stress & retained austenite measurement systems, powder diffractometers, Laue single crystal orientation systems, x-ray tubes and custom equipment.

HUBER Diffraction GMBH


HUBER Diffraktionstechnik was founded by Robert Huber on May 1, 1950, as a specialist engineering company in Rimsting am Chiemsee. Later become involved in the design and production of X-ray cameras and accessories for X-ray fine structural analysis. The exceptional precision and reliability of the instruments produced by Huber ensured that the name became common in laboratories and research centers around the world.



DECTRIS is the technology leader in X-Ray detection. The DECTRIS photon counting detectors have transformed basic research at synchrotron light sources, as well as in the laboratory and with industrial X-Ray applications. DECTRIS aims to continuously improve the measurement quality, thereby enabling new scientific findings. This pioneering technology is the basis of a broad range of products, all scaled to meet the needs of various applications. DECTRIS also provides solutions for customer developments in scientific and industrial X-Ray detection.

DECTRIS was awarded the 2010 Swiss Economic Award in the High-Tech Biotech category, the most prestigious prize for start-up companies in Switzerland




RaySpec is a leading manufacturer of innovative sensors for X-rays across a broad range of industrial and commercial markets. RaySpec products often make up the vital detecting element in a wide range of analytical equipment from Electron Microscopes to X-ray Fluorescence analysers and in specialist systems such as Synchrotrons.



IMCE was founded in 1995 by father and son Theo Bollen and Bart Bollen. Both were experienced engineers with a fascination for technique. Non-destructive measurements of elastic properties and internal friction by impulse excitation technique. Since the production of the first ceramic parts, people were ‘knocking’ on these parts to ‘hear’ if they were well produced. IMCE transferred this ancient technique into a modern and state of the art measurement device.



Vigor Tech USA is a glovebox and purification company founded by Ph.D. scientists and engineers. Founders have decades of experience in the gas separation and purification industry. Vigor has developed the most advanced glovebox technology currently on the market, made possible by patented seals and high-capacity gas purification train.



Thermtest has been advancing the measurement of thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat for 13 years. Unique combination of advanced laboratory thermal conductivity instrumentation, portable meters, and corresponding accessories, enable Thermtest to offer testing solutions to fit most any type of sample, testing application or budget.

Surface Electro Optics


Surface & Electro Optics Co. Ltd ( SEO) is established in year 1998 at Seoul, Korea. SEO has opened a new stage of Contact Angle Analysis Technology as a result of lot of effort for the localization of Surface Chemistry Analysis Instruments.

HED International


HED has pioneered the development of continuous thick film/tape and web coating production systems which are in widespread use in manufacturing electronic components and advanced materials. Proprietary technology has enabled our customers to set international standards in the production of millions of square inches of thin tape cast ceramic, metal and composite products.



SITA Messtechnik GmbH develops, produces and sells devices for measuring the dynamic surface tension of liquids, fully automatic foam tester for analyzing the foaming behavior of liquids as well as fluorescence measuring technique for controlling the cleanliness of parts and for monitoring the contamination level in process liquids.

Thermcraft Inc

Establishd in 1971 , Thermcraft Inc is international leading manufacturer of high quality thermal processing equipment,laboratory and production furnaces,recirculating ovens ,vacuum formed ceramic fiber heaters,heater coils and diffusion heaters, for application temperatures up to 1800°C (3272°F).

Product categories range from standard quick-ship designs, to fully customized solutions.

  • Expressline Laboratory Furnaces
  • Tube Furnaces
  • Box Furnaces
  • Custom Furnaces
  • Material Testing Furnaces