Octane/Cetane Analyzer


The ZX-101RZ Portable Near Infrared Octane/Cetane analyzer is specially designed for rugged conditions with a watertight mil spec case and shock mounted components. Ideal for military use, government inspection agencies, service stations and gasoline retailers, blending stations, terminal docks and refineries

The ZX-101RZ offers Automatic Fuel Selection, enabling you to detect the type of fuel being analyzed and reducing potential operator error. 

The ZX-101RZ is available with an optional GPS locator allowing personnel to document and verify the time and location of each analysis.


  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Automatic fuel detection (Gasoline/E-Gas/Diesel)
  • Normally less than one minute warm up time
  • Stores data for up to 100 samples
  • Precalibrated for unleaded and Ethanol blended fuels
  • Optional diesel cetane index and cetane number calibrations available
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Displays results in less than 30 seconds
  • [(R+M)/2], RON, MON, Percent Ethanol
  • Military
  • Government inspection agencies
  • Service stations/ Gasoline retailers
  • Blending Stations
  • Refineries & Terminal Docks
Precalibrated for :Octane number RON, MON, (R+M)/2, Percent Ethanol

Optional Calibrations :Diesel cetane index, cetane number

Outputs :LCD display, printer

Analysis :Includes full calibration software

Results :Traceable to CFR Engine or other fuel lab Standards

Calibrations :Stores up to 10 calibration sets

Data Storage :Stores data for up to 100 samples