Continuous Oil Analysis & Treatment System


Dr10Thermal-Lube’s Model C-2 Continuous Oil Analysis and Treatment (COAT®) System is a robust, versatile, cost-effective package specifically configured for infrared oil analysis.The COAT® C-2 design and functionality allows the user to process up to 120 samples per hour using our unique ‘Dilution Method’ sample preparation.

This novel and proven method:

  • Allows quick and easy sample analysis
  • Requires only 5ml of product sample
  • Eliminates sample viscosity restrictions
  • Reduces cell wear and maintenance costs
  • Produces accurate reproducible results
  • Significantly reduces disposal costs
  • Eliminates needle, tube, and cell cleaning between samples
  • Avoids interferences commonly associated with competitive FT-IR oil analyzers.

The COAT® System is pre-configured for used oil condition monitoring parameters established by JOAP-TSC and ASTM International New Standard Practice D7418-07. These condition monitoring parameters include the detection of:

  • Water contamination
  • Diesel fuel dilution
  • Oxidation (ASTM D7414-09)
  • Glycol contamination
  • Nitration
  • Lubricant identification and authentication
  • Sulfate by-products (ASTM D7415-09)
  • Antioxidant depletion
  • Soot loading
  • Phosphate antiwear (ASTM  D7412-09)
  • Ester Breakdown I & II