Wax Appearance Temperature Analyzer


WAT-70Xi also known as cloud point, wax appearance temperature is the temperature at which a crude oil sample first precipitates solid wax as it is being cooled under prescribed test conditions.

Similarly, Wax Disappearance Temperature (WDT) is the temperature at which the last wax solids are melted into liquid during a warming cycle.Phase Technology’s new WAT-70Xi analyzer revolutionizes the upstream and midstream oil industries with the world’s first and only totally automatic process to measure WAT and WDT of crudes.

Even the darkest, most opaque samples can now be easily tested, with 1.0° C precision. The Phase Technology WAT-70Xi offers a considerable efficiency advantage—just load the sample, and the analyzer does the rest, with tests completed in just 20-40 minutes. There’s no time-consuming manual set-up needed, and cleaning is done automatically after each test.


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ASTM D5773 (IP 446)

  • Detection of both WAT and WDT
  • Super fast speed
  • Tests opaque samples
  • Self cleaning
  • No manual set-up
  • Superior precision
  • Greater sensitivity

Wax appearance temperature (WAT) and wax disappearance temperature (WDT) can help predict the occurrence of wax deposition in crude oils, and are therefore useful for upstream and midstream petroleum companies

Repeatability 1.0 ºC
Sample temperature range  -30 ºC to 75 ºC
System cleaning Automatic flush cycle; external solvent tank
Test duration 20 to 40 minutes
Operator time 15 seconds
Sample size 3.0 mL
Detection method Diffusive Light Scattering (DLS) technology(over 25 patents)
Cooling system Integrated Peltier device cooling system