Kinematic Viscometer  S-flow 

Automated Houillon viscometer system


The S-flow range of instruments consist of compact, bench-top automatic viscometry systems for the analysis of Newtonian fluids. It complies fully with in ASTM D7279 and as such, gives full correlation to ASTM D445. It is the ideal system for used oil analysis labs that need to test a wide range of lubricant viscosities

The S-flow system is a self-contained viscometer systemthat consists of a thermostatic bath with circular heater anda control column. The bath contains 4 viscometer tubestogether with optical sensors to detect the flow of the samplethrough the tubes. All measuring tubes function independentlyof each other.

The control column has an LCD displaythat provides the user with information about the system’sstatus and an array of LED’s indicate the current statusof each measuring tube. Although a PC is not required tooperate the instrument, additional software is available foroperating and data storage and reporting

Available Models

Feature S-flow 850 S-flow 1200 S-flow 3000 VI
Automatic time measurement X X X
Integrated cleaning pump X X X
Chemically resistant X X X
Automatic solvent injectione X X
Integrated Viscosity Index X
Dual solvent option X X
Duplo measurement option X X
Software available X X X
Samples per hour 25-40 40-80 80-160


  • Methods
  • Benefits
  • Applications
  • Specifications

D7279, D2270, correlation with D445

  • High throughput: up to80 samples per hourwith ASTM precision
  • Small sample volume:0.3-1.0 ml
  • Low solvent consumption:2-3 ml per sample
  • Extremely easy to useand maintain
  • Integrated VI calculations(on 3000 model only)
  • Fully automatic cleaning and drying
  • Fast & easy tubereplacement without theneed to drain the bath
  • Single or dualsolvent injectionto meet any application
  • Fully functional as a standaloneunit but advanced PCsoftware available
  • Optional duplomeasurement capability
  • Newtonian Fluids
  • Lubricants
  • Used Oil
Measuring range 1-3000 mm2/s @ 40ºC
Temperature range  20 – 120º C *
Temperature stability  ±0.01ºC @ 40º C, ±0.03 @ 100º C
Timer resolution 0.0025 sec
Sample volume 0.3 – 1.0 ml
Solvent consumption 2-3 ml per cycle
Sample throughput up to 160 samples per hour
Viscometer type Houillon
Sensor type Optical
PC Control Multiple instrument networking through 1 PC