All L-K Industries oil centrifuge tubes conform to ASTM and API standards (ASTM D4007/API MPMS Ch. 10.3 or ASTM D96/API MPMS Ch. 10.4) and can be used in regulatory environments. The graduated marks are permanently etched to improve visibility and provide longer life. Each tube has a unique serial number to provide precise traceability. Custom markings are available for specific applications.

The tubes come configured with a tooled top with a cork or rubber stopper, a wide-neck thread or standard thread. The tube markings can be measured in milliliters (100-ml) or percentage (200%). When running tests with 100-ml tubes, to determine the sediment and water content in the petroleum liquid, the volume of two separate test samples must be added. When working with 200% tubes, the average of the two sample tubes is taken. The tube markings include standard (more markings at the bottom and spaced out markings at the top) or detailed markings. Detailed markings are helpful for test sites or wells that produce more water than what is typical.

LK’s centrifuge tubes are manufactured in-house and with strict adherence to ASTM and API standards. Tubes are available in several sizes including:

  • Finger Tubes (A Style)
  • Pear Shaped (B Style)
  • Long Cone (C Style – 8 in)
  • Short Cone (D Style – 6 inch)
  • Capillary Tubes (E Style)

Customers may choose from several configurations including:

  • Standard or detailed lines
  • ML or Percent markings
  • Wide-neck or standard tops
  • 3rd Party Certification
  • LK Internal Verification

Capillary Tube (E)


Style – Capillary tubes are designed for refined products such as gasoline and diesel fuel and measure 8” long.

Short Cone Tube (D)


D Style – Short Cone tubes (S12) measure 6 3/8” long and are typically used in Transport models because of limited space; applicable standard(s): API 10.4/ASTM D96, ASTM D4007.

Long Cone tube (C)


C Style – Long Cone tubes (S10) measure 8” long and are typically used in laboratory settings (appropriate for Benchmark centrifuge models); applicable standard(s): API 10.4/ASTM D96, ASTM D4007, ASTM D1796.

Pear Shaped tube (B)


B Style – Pear-shaped tubes with extended tips have more accurate readings at the tip of each tube; applicable standard(s): API 2542 & API 10.4/ASTM D96.

Tubes , Fingers Tubes (A)


A Style – Finger tubes have a 12.5-ml capacity; applicable standard(s): API 2542.



LK’s thermometers meet ASTM standards and feature yellow backed glass for easy reading. Thermometers are available in a wide range and with a woodback. Verification is available upon request.



LK offers 22 API hydrometer ranges that are precision grade. All hydrometers have a thermometer located in the center and are available with citification.