ASTM D1160 Vacuum Distillation


ASTM D1160 (ISO 6616) vacuum distillation apparatus for the distillation of petroleum products and biodiesel.

Fully Automatic Vacuum Distillation

This system performs the ASTM D1160 vacuum distillation automatically. Just put sample in the boiling flask and start the test. Everything else is done automatically including:

Fully Automatic Functions

  • Vacuum Control
  • Distillation rate control
  • Condenser and receiver temperature
  • Recording of distillation data, first drop (IBP) and final boiling point (FBP)
  • Detection of cracking and boiling flask over-temperature
  • Ending of distillation, cool down and generation of the final report
Semi-Automatic Vacuum Distillation

The semi-automatic ASTM D1160 vacuum distillation system is a balance of automation and cost. This D1160 vacuum distillation system automatically controls most functions. It is ideal for labs with a smaller number of samples or a smaller budget.


  • Vacuum control
  • Condenser and receiver temperature
  • Recording of first drop (IBP)
  • Calculation of vapor AET
  • Generation of the final report
  • Ending of distillation, cool down

Operator Controlled Functions

  • Distillation rate
  • Operator presses “enter key”when receiver volume reaches 5%, 10%, 20%…. The computer automatically records the data when the enter key is pressed. Data can also be entered manually.
Manually Operated Vacuum Distillation

The manually operated ASTM D1160 vacuum distillation system is a turnkey system including everything needed to perform a D1160 distillation.

Operator controlled functions

  • Adjust manual control valve to obtain the desired vacuum level
  • Adjust the heat control to obtain the desired distillation rate
  • Set the desired condenser and receiver temperature on the circulating bath
  • Record the first drop
  • Record the vapor and boiling flask temperature at receiver volumes of 5%, 10%, 20% …. 90%, 95% and at the final boiling point (FBP)
Compare ASTM D1160 Models
Fully Automatic Semi-Automatic Maunually Operated
Digital Temperature and Vacuum Display crud crud crud
Vacuum Control crud crud crud
Distillation Rate crud
Volume Measurement crud
Condenser/Receiver Temperature crud crud
Shut Down on Test Completion crud crud
 Control and Test Report from PC crud crud