The Hurricane GasMix ™ can automatically prepare and deliver gas mixtures for all types of analyzers. The principle is based on the dynamic mixture of 5 to 12 standard gases. International standards (ISO or CEN) require more and more to calibrate multipoint analyzers, and laboratories are turning to dilutors for validation of their analyzers. GasMix ™ meets these expectations in an automatic and cost effective manner.

The GasMix Hurricane Software is the big brother of Aiolos software: the features are the same, the difference is based on more powerful algorithms able to manage five to twelve standard gases and calculate the final concentration and uncertainty of each analyte present in the final mixture.



ISO 6145-7


  • Reducing gas consumption
  • Optimizing the efficiency of gas cylinder
  • Reducing the number of necessary gas standards
  • Reduction of operator bench time
  • Managing cylinder expiration dates


  • Generating multicomponent synthesis gas
  • Test interference phenomena on the analyzers.


Accuracy less than 2% of the flow all over the scale
from 0.5 to 100% of the initial concentration
Inlet pressure 3 bar
Max Outlet Pressure atmospheric, higher pressure possible on request
Connection Swagelok 1/8”
Weight 25 Kg
Dimension Lx W x h (cm) : 66 x 45 x 17