GasMix Atmo ™ was developed according to specifications written in partnership with two laboratories of the ATMO network: the French network of Associations of Chartered Air Quality Monitoring. This dilutor is used to calibrate three analyzers one after the other, automatically. In practice, it is a diluter equipped with two mass flow controller (MFC) and a set of valves selecting one of three inputs dedicated to dilute the gas associated with one of the three GasMix ™ outputs.

  • Compliant to CEN standards: repeatability and linearity tests of SO2, NOX and CO-NO analyzers are simplified and automated.

The GasMix Atmo ™ software includes all the features of Aiolos software (e.g. automation, uncertainties calculations, flows monitoring ), adding a feature to select one of three standards declared in the standards library, during the sequence creation.



ISO 6145-7


  • Digitally driven
  • Compliant to ISO 6145-7 standard
  • Couples of ON/OFF valves and 3-way valves
  • Equipped with 2 Mass Flow Controllers (MFC)
  • Dilution ratio : up to 1/10000


  • SO2, NO-NOX and CO analyzers Calibration. 


Uncertainity < 2% on the whole range
variable, according to your specific needs
Inlet pressure 3 bar for gases
Max Outlet Pressure atmospheric, higher pressure
Connection Swagelok 1/8”– 1/4″ for the diluent gas
Weight 35 Lbs
Dimension Lx W x h (cm) : 42 x 25 x 33