S-Value SV10


Intrinsic Stability of Asphaltenes in Oil

The SV10 revolutionizes the S-value testing for stability of asphaltenes , by introducing the first fully automated instrument complying with ASTM D7157, which includes a unique, temperature controlled, high precision measuring cell (patent pending).

The SV10 is bringing a major improvement in handling, accuracy and test duration. Straightforward and user friendly, the SV10 does not need any operator action during the test or application expert: it comes with all programs ready for the different sample types described in ASTM D7157.

3 different quantities of sample are automatically diluted with toluene. Then, by titrating those 3 mixes with heptane, the asphaltenes flocculate. The SV10 uses a high precision measuring cell (patent pending*) to detect the flocculation. Finally, the stability results are automatically computed.In addition, the SV10 eliminates all safety risks linked to the manipulation of hazardous solvents.

Key Features

  • Automated:  Dilution (up to 100°C) , Titration , Cleaning
  • No contact with solvents
  • Measures at controlled temperature
  • Low level of asphaltenes capability <0.4%
  • 3 positions, standalone compact design
  • User friendly, fast test time (typical: 20 mn)


  • ASTM D7157
  • ISO PAS 23263
  • CIMAC guidelines


Technical Specification Description
Test method ASTM D7157
S Value Range 0.15 to 15
Resolution 0.01
Interface 7″ Touch Screen
Test temp From 15°C to 60°C
Reported results S-value, Sa, So, Xmin, Frmax, R2
Results storage Up to 100 000 results database (8 GB) USB stick, LAN