FAME in Jet Fuel Analyzer

The FAMESPEC is a compact stand ‐ alone analyzer that comes in a modern, portable and rugged design. It provides a fully automatic and rapid measurement with a high sample throughput. All types of FAME, including short chain methyl ester, are detected in a short measurement time.

FAME is known to negatively influence the thermal stability of jet fuel and to lead to a performance deterioration of aircraft engines, e.g. by forming coke deposits.Therefore, a maximum FAME content of 50 mg/kg has been included in international jet fuel specifications DEF STAN 91‐091 and ASTM D1655.

Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) offer a significantly higher power output at specific wavelengths than
conventional infrared sources used employed in infrared spectrometers. The  FAMESPEC FAME in jet fuel analyzer combines the increased sensitivity of QCL´s with an automated sample preparation technique . FAME is removed from the sample by a selective chemical reaction facilitated by a catalyst. catalyst. The catalyst is encapsulated in a multi‐use column completely avoiding the necessity for single‐use consumables.


  • Airport
  • Pipelines terminal
  • Refinery
  • Military

Key Features

  • Based on QCL‐IR technology
  • Detects all types of FAME
  • High precision (± 0.8 mg/kg at 5 mg/kg)
  • Wide measurement range (10 ‐ 400 mg/kg)
  • Fast measurement (<25 min)
  • Automated sample preparation
  • 10‐port autosampler
  • Fully portable compact design


Under Approval



Fuel Types
Jet A, Jet A-1 , JP5 , JP8
FAME Types All types of FAME with C8 – C22 molecules; Coconut-, Palm-, Rapeseed-, Sunflower-, Soy-, Tallow- and used cooking oil methyl ester
Measurement range 0 – 500 mg/kg
Repeatability 0,9 mg/kg at 10 mg/kg
1,3 mg/kg at 50 mg/kg
1,5 mg/kg at 100 mg/kg
2,0 mg/kg at 400 mg/kg
Sample Preperation Automated, no manual sample preparation required
Sample volume ~50 mL
Measurement time <25 minutes per measurement
Rapid measurement capability, early estimation (after 10 minutes)
Consumables No single-use consumables required

  • Column, 1 per 80 measurements
  • Reactant, internal reservoir for up to 100 measurements