Freeze ,Cloud & Pour Point Analyzer


Pour Point , Cloud Point , Freeze Point

Phase Technology users can be confident that their test results accurately meet and comply with ASTM International standards for pour point , cloud point and freeze point: ASTM D5949, D5773 and D5972. The oldest, continuously-in-use cold flow methods in the industry! High performance sample handling, precise sample injection, and built-in automatic cleaning — the 70Xi Autosampler Analyzer System gives you a full range of robust, productivity-boosting features that eliminate human error and decrease lab analysis time.The 70Xi’s 48-station autosampler lets lab personnel run multiple samples without the need to individually pipette, set and verify analyzer options or wait for test results.

  • Increase efficiency – a 70Xi autosampler system frees up personnel to perform other critical lab tasks.
  • Reduce user bias – cross contamination and other human errors are removed from the test process.

Phase Technology 70Xi Series Autosampler Analyzer Systems give you complete flexibility – choose the test options you need for a customized solution. Available configurations include:

  • APA-70Xi Lube Oil Pour Point
  • APC-70Xi Lube Oil Pour Point & Cloud Point
  • CPA-70XiAS Fuels Only Cloud Point
  • FPA-70XiAS Fuels Only Freeze Point
  • PSA-70XiAS Fuels Only Pour Point , Cloud Point & Freeze Point
  • PCA-70XiAS Fuels Only Pour Point & Cloud Point
  • PFA-70XiAS Fuels Only Freeze Point & Pour Point
  • FCA-70XiAS Fuels Only Freeze Point & Cloud Point

Additional options may be available on request.


ASTM 5949 – Pour Point

ASTM 5773 – Cloud Point

ASTM 5972 – Freeze point


  • Set-and-forget convenience
  • Self-cleaning
  • Automatic sample injection
  • One-touch preset Favorites
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Full-color, touch-sensitive, 15” high resolution
  • USB and Ethernet connectivity
  • Robust design and improved serviceability


Phase Technology 70Xi analyzers test a wide range of petroleum, biofuel and other products including:

  • Diesel fuel
  • Jet fuel
  • Finished lubricants
  • Base oil
  • Biofuel and biodiesels
  • Bright stock
  • Distillate fuel
  • Gas oil
  • Black oil
  • Crude oil
  • Engine coolant (antifreeze)
  • PAO and synthetic lubricants
  • Automatic transmission fluids
  • Engine & gear oil
  • Food oils & fats
  • Surfactants & gels



Pour Point 1.6 ºC @ 1 ºC 3.2 ºC @ 1 ºC
2.2 ºC @ 3 ºC 3.8 ºC @ 3 ºC
Cloud Point  Repeatability 1.3 ºC Reproducibility 2.5 ºC
Freeze Point Repeatability 0.5 ºC Reproducibility 0.8 ºC
BIAS 0 (relative to ASTM manual methods)
TEST INTERVALS 0.1 ºC Resolution
Pour Point 8 to 30 minutes
Cloud Point 5 to 10 minutes
Freeze Point 8 to 10 minutes
 SAMPLE SIZE  High-precision metering pump ensures exactly 0.15 mL (ASTM method)
 DETECTION METHOD  Diffusive Light Scattering (DLS) technology (over 25 patents)
 COOLING SYSTEM  Integrated Peltier device cooling system
SAMPLE PRE-HEATING Sample vial heater block (APA-70Xi & APC-70Xi only)